About Us

The Kirat Rai Society of America (KRSA) is a national non-profit organization striving to promote awareness of Kirat Rai history, languages, and culture as well as to ensure the full participation of the Kirat Rai people in mainstream U.S. society. KRSA brings together all Kirat Rai clans residing throughout the United States. We work with our members, local and national organizations, public and private entities, and individuals to support the well-being of our members and humanitarian works among the Kirat-Rai people.

You will find information on KRSA and its accomplishments as well as information about the future of KRSA posted on this website. There are many ways you can be involved with KRSA, either as a volunteer or by donating.

Mission statement at a glance:

  • Promote awareness of Kirat-Rai history, languages, and culture to the general U.S. public;
  • Foster constructive participation of the Kirat-Rai members.
  • Mobilize resources to support development and humanitarian works among the Kirat-Rai.

Organizational Structure


NameTitlePhone #Email
Mr. Chandra Kumar RaiPresident303 931 4293chandra21e@hotmail.com
Mr. Khagendra RaiSenior Vice President718 414 7330raikhagendra@gmail.com
Mr. Phanindra RaiVice President415 463 9461rai_phanindra@yahoo.com
Ms. Nila RaiGeneral Secretary718 501 1071rai.nila01@gmail.com
Mr. Markus RaiSecretary646 626 9515darrelmarquie@yahoo.com
Ms. Degana RaiTreasurer720 318 2064mongol_cute2004@yahoo.com
Mr. Diwas RaiAssistant Treasurer720 357 9918diwas07@gmail.com
Ms. Manu LohorungMember347 248 6966 mrlohorung@gmail.com
Ms. Chanda RaiMember347 417 6539rai_chanda@hotmail.com
Mr. Suman Rai NachhiringMember347 738 7697fortune3_rai@yahoo.com
Mr. Gautam Sagar RaiMember720 378 3723gautamsagar59@gmail.com

Board of Directors

NameTitlePhone #Email
Mr. Pramod ThulungBoard Chair347 417 6601pramodthulung@yahoo.com
Mr. Ram Kumar RaiBOD646 462 9177rairamu2003@yahoo.com
Ms. Bharati RaiBOD646 957 6070 khushi391@yahoo.com
Mr. Chandra Kumar Rai (Akash)BOD720 984 9226akashkrsa.us@live.com
Mr. Pratap RaiBOD347 400 6951rai545@yahoo.com
Ms. Neetu KhapungBOD270 320 6354 neetukhapung1@gmail.com

Advisory Board

NameTitlePhone #Email
Mr. Mani BangdelAdvisor347 891 9515 mbangdel7184@gmail.com