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Provisions of KRSA Bylaws

Article 3 – Membership, Fee & Voting Rights

  • Section 1 – Membership
    Any individual who wishes to join the society can do by applying to join and agree to abide by the Bylaws of the society, and who subscribes to the society’s goals and objectives. No one shall be discriminated on basis of race, religion, color, sex or national origin. All the Kirat-Rai individual naturally become a member of the society as well all other well-wishers may join the society by applying for a membership. Under the age of 18 may not be eligible to acquire the society’s membership.
    The society shall have the following types of membership:
  1. General Member: Any American citizen, permanent resident or lawful resident in the United States who can trace his/her origin to the Kirat-Rai, or who related by marriage to such individual.
  2. Associate Member: Any individual can join the society such a person shall become the associate member of the society and shall be called “Associate Member”.
  3. Corporate Member: Any private business or professional association that subscribes to the aims or purposes of the society can apply for corporate membership.
  4. Patron Member: any individual can be the society’s patron member, who contributes to the society as the patron membership fee $ 155.00 dollars.

  • Section 2 – Fee
    The annual membership dues for members shall be $ 15.00 dollars for the general member and associate member, and the corporate members shall pay a minimum of $ 75.00 dollars annually, corporate member may not stand for the society’s office. Each year the months of January through April, the society’s membership shall be renewed.
  • Section 3 – Voting Rights
    Except the general member of the society, other members shall not have the voting rights in society’s all elections. Any member who fails to subscribe to the aims and objectives of the society shall be subject to dismissal by a majority decision of the Board of Directors.

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