Kirat Rai Society of America Board and Executive Committee Officials

        The first day of 4th General Convention of Kirat Rai Society of America (KRSA) that was held on 21st May 2016 at Aurora Welcome Center, Aurora, Colorado,  concluded with swearing-in of newly elected Board Committee and Executive Committee.                                                                                                                                                                                         Congratulations to our newly elected Committees on their new leadership roles.

Name list of Board Committee

Board Chair Mr. Pramod Thulung
BODMr. Ram Kumar Rai
BODMs. Bharati Rai
BODMr. Chandra Kumar Rai (Akash)
BODMr. Pratap Rai
BODMs. Neetu Khapung

Name list of Executive Committee

Mr. Chandra Kumar Rai
Senior Vice President Mr. Khagendra Rai
Vice President Mr. Phanindra Rai
General Secretary Ms. Neela Rai
Secretary Mr. Markus Rai
Treasurer Ms. Degana Rai
Assistant Treasurer Mr. Diwas Rai
Member Ms. Manu Lohorung
Member Ms. Chanda Rai
Member Mr. Suman Rai Nachhiring
Member Mr. Gautam Sagar Rai

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