• General


    Any American citizen, permanent resident or lawful resident in the United States who can trace his/her origin to the Kirat Rai, or who is related by marriage to a Kirat Rai.

  • Associate


    Any individual that wishes to join the society.

  • Corporate


    Any private business or professional association that subscribes to the aims and purposes of the society.

  • Patron


    A patron member donates a one-time fee to KRSA for lifetime access.

  • Lifetime


    A lifetime membership entitles the bearer to lifetime access to KRSA for a one-time fee.

Membership By Mail

To apply for membership via postal mail, follow these steps:

  1. Download the membership form here.

  2. Mail your membership dues and a filled-out membership form to the Treasurer:

    Pratap Rai

    51-01 39th Ave Apt. # NN 33

    Sunnyside, NY 11104

  3. Register for the site here. Your account will be pending until the administrator approves it.

Lifetime Members

Name Phone # Email
Rajan Rai 9173488453 rajana_raee@yahoo.com
umesh rai 3472790059 raiumesh641@gmail.com
Pratap Rai 347 400 6951 rai545@yahoo.com
Rai Chandra (Akash) 7209849226 akashkrsa.us@live.com
Mani Bangdel 3478919515 mbangdel7184@gmail.com
Chandra Kumar Rai 3039314293 chandra21e@hotmail.com
Nila Rai 7185011071 rai.nila01@gmail.com
Khagendra Rai 7184147330 raikhagendra@gmail.com
Bhupen Rai 3476563379 bhupenrai82@gail.com
Pramod Thulung 3474176601 pramodthulung@yahoo.com
Ram Kumar Rai 6464629177 rairamu2003@yahoo.com
Bharati Rai 6469576070 khushi391@yahoo.com
Bimal Rai 6314287195 extremebml@yahoo.com
Bhawani Rai 3478373358 bhawani_rai2003@yahoo.com
Dr. Navin K Rai 3012170455 hangthulung2012@gmail.com
Dr. Kalyani Rai 4147398742 kalyanir@uwm.edu
Dr. Sandhya Rai-Sherpa 7205246627 lobuche19@hotmail.com
Thaneswor Rai 6467891798 raithaneswor@hotmail.com