Announcement for Nepal Earthquake Victims Relief Fund

KRSA Executive Committee has decided to donate the collected fund specifically in education for earthquake victims of Nepal. It is an announcement to submit your application to Kirat Rai Society of America (KRSA) thus KRSA will be able to make a donation which our donors had contributed through our organization.

Please keep in mind that Kirat Rai Society of America (KRSA) has been completed distributing the tins for roof (JASTA PATA) to 53 families in Maneshwara, Sindhupalchowk district.

With your application describe the followings:
1. How the earthquake affected school and students;
2. Geographical situation;
3. A student has lost his parents and he or she is brilliant;
4. How the earthquake relief fund can be used if your application is selected, can you volunteer in field?
5. What benefits can be served to the community where earthquake fund will be distributed;
6. How much money/ donation can complete your project and how long it takes.

Please submit your application at

Thank you for your generous support.


KRSA Executive Committee

Renew Your Membership

Dear Valued KRSA Members,

This is the time to renew your membership for the annual year 2015-2016. The General Convention of KRSA is going to be held by the end of May 2016. Because of your support KRSA is able in preserving culture, involving in humanitarian work, promoting talents, conducting activities in its subcommittees, organizing and sponsoring events. We encourage and appreciate for your active participation.

The followings are the provisions of KRSA Bylaws regarding membership:

Article 3 – Membership, Fee & Voting Rights
Section 1 – Membership
Any individual who wishes to join the society can do by applying to join and agree to abide by the Bylaws of the society, and who subscribes to the society’s goals and objectives. No one shall be discriminated on basis of race, religion, color, sex or national origin. All the Kirat-Rai individual naturally become a member of the society as well all other well-wishers may join the society by applying for a membership. Under the age of 18 may not be eligible to acquire the society’s membership.
The society shall have the following types of membership:
a) General Member: Any American citizen, permanent resident or lawful resident in the United States who can trace his/her origin to the Kirat-Rai, or who related by marriage to such individual.
b) Associate Member: Any individual can join the society such a person shall become the associate member of the society and shall be called “Associate Member”.
c) Corporate Member: Any private business or professional association that subscribes to the aims or purposes of the society can apply for corporate membership.
d) Patron Member: any individual can be the society’s patron member, who contributes to the society as the patron membership fee $ 155.00 dollars.
Section 2 – Fee
The annual membership dues for members shall be $ 15.00 dollars for the general member and associate member, and the corporate members shall pay a minimum of $ 75.00 dollars annually, corporate member may not stand for the society’s office. Each year the months of January through April, the society’s membership shall be renewed.
Section 3 – Voting Rights
Except the general member of the society, other members shall not have the voting rights in society’s all elections.
Any member who fails to subscribe to the aims and objectives of the society shall be subject to dismissal by a majority decision of the Board of Directors.

To become a new member please visit at

You can send your membership fee/s (check or money order) in the name of Kirat Rai Society of America (KRSA) at P.O. Box 1882, Denver, CO 80202.

Thank you so much for your generous support.


- Executive Committee

KRSA Scholarship 2014 Announcement!

KRSA is open for KRSA Scholarship 2014. Funds of $250.00 per school for two schools or students are available. Please read school nomination details below.

- School and student name with description and reason to get scholarship
- Winner should take responsibility to transfer and deploy fund appropriately
- Winner should submit proof of fund distribution with school and student’s letters and pictures

- Nomination Due Date – June 30, 2015
- Winner Announcement – July 21, 2015
- Fund Release Due Date – August 01, 2015
- Proof of distribution submission due date – October 01, 2015

Submit your nomination @


2015 KRSA Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser

On April 25, 2015, 7.8 magnitude of powerful earthquake caused massive disaster in Nepal killing over 7,807 people. The earthquake damaged and destroyed homes, businesses, and historic buildings. As of May 5th, more than 15,911 people have been injured.

We have members of our non profit organization in Nepal, who are identifying the areas most in need. We are focusing our efforts on those villages that are located in rural parts of Nepal. Due to the landmark of our country and mountainous terrain it has been very difficult for the relief team to reach out to the victims. All of the money donated through this fund will be used to buy and transport the most basic necessities like food, water, and medicine. They are in dire need of these things as the supplies are quickly running out.

Kirat Rai Society of America (KRSA) is a non profit organization and it is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

WE NEED your help, support, and prayers. With your help and contribution we will be able to help as many as we can.

Please click the link below to make your donation.

Thank You so much in advance for considering in helping us. Your generosity will truly help many people in NEPAL.


महाभूकम्पमा परी ज्यान गुमाउनेहरुको शोकमा किरात राई सोसाईटी अफ अमेरिका (KRSA) ले यस वर्ष महान चाड साकेला नमनाउने

आदरणीय सम्पूर्ण किरात राई समुदाय तथा यस संस्थाका सदस्यज्यूहरु, हाम्रो संस्थाका सहयोगी एवं शुभेच्छुकज्यूहरु,

हामी सबैलाई अवगत भएकै कुरा हो कि गत अप्रिल २५, २०१५ का दिन नेपालमा आएको ७.८ म्याग्निट्युडको बिनाशकारी भूकम्पले ऐतिहासिक सम्पदाहरु नष्ट पार्दै ठूलो धनजनको क्षति गरी नेपाल तथा देश बाहिर रहनु भएका नेपाली लगायत विश्व समुदायलाई नै शोकमग्न बनाएको छ । यस दु:खद घडीमा महाभूकम्पमा परि देहवासन हुनु भएकाहरूका नाममा किरात राई सोसाईटी अफ अमेरिका (KRSA) गहिरो समवेदना प्रकट गर्दै दिवंगत आत्माहरूको चिरशान्तिको कामना सहित शोकाकुल सबै जनामा यो विपत्तिमा धैर्य धारणा गर्ने शक्ति प्राप्त होस् भनि किरात राई सोसाईटी अफ अमेरिका (KRSA) परिवार प्रार्थना गर्दर्छौ |

यस महाभूकम्पले पारेको अकल्पनीय क्षतिमा हाम्रो संस्थाले पनि पीडितहरुको लागि मानव कल्याणकारी कार्यलाई अगाडी बढाएको कुरा जानकारी गराउँदै आजको मिति सम्म ६ हजार, तीन सय, चौतिस अमेरिकन डलर उठाई सकेको र उठेको कोषलाई तत्काल नेपालको राहत नपुगेको वा अति भन्दा अत्यावश्यक ठाउँमा उक्त राहत प्रदान गर्ने र भूकम्प पीडितहरुको लागि यस संस्थाले गरिरहेको कार्यलाई निरन्तरता दिने कुरालाई पनि अवगत गराउँदै यस वर्षको महान चाड साकेला नेपालको महाभूकम्पमा परी ज्यान गुमाउनेहरुको शोकमा किरात राई सोसाईटी अफ अमेरिका (KRSA) ले यो बर्षको उभौली साकेला नमनाउने निर्णय गरेको जानकारी समस्त किरात राई समुदाय, तथा हाम्रो संस्थाका सदस्यहरु र यस संस्थाका सहयोगी संघ-संस्थाहरु, अन्य सम्पूर्ण महानुभावहरु तथा सम्पूर्ण शुभेच्छुकहरूमा सूचित गराउँदछौ ।



चन्द्र (आकाश) राई
अध्यक्ष्य, किरात राई सोसाईटी अफ अमेरिका (KRSA)

KRSA Colorado 2nd General Assembly

Dear Community Members,

KRSA Colorado Subcommittee is going to conduct its 2nd General Assembly on the followings venue, date and time.

Venue: Eloise May Library
1471 South Parker Road, Denver, CO 80231
Date: Feb. 14, 2015
Time: 09: 00 AM - 01: 00 PM

Please become a new member or renew your membership.

Active Members:

S.N. Name
1. Mr. Bhim Rai "Kshitiz" Rai- Lifetime
2. Mr. Binod Rai- Lifetime
3. Mr. Chandra (Akas) Rai- Lifetime
4. Mr. Chandra Kumar Rai- Lifetime
5. Dr. Sandhya Rai- Lifetime
6. Mr. Aita Singh Rai- General Member
7. Mr. Mr. Aita Rai- General Member
8. Mr. Bakhahang Rai- General Member
9. Ms. Chandra Kala Rai- General Member
10. Mr. Dhan Rai- General Member
11. Mr. Dhruba Rai- General Member
12. Mr. Dinesh Rai- General Member
13. Mr. Deepak Kulung Rai- General Member
14. Mr. Jiden Rai- General Member
15. Mr. Man (Kanchan) Rai- General Member
16. Ms. Purna Kumari Rai- General Member
17. Mr. Raj Rai- General Member
18. Ms. Ratna Devi Rai- General Member
19. Mr. San Bahadur Rai- General Member
20. Ms. Sita Rai- General Member
21. Mr. Suk Rai- General Member

Thank you!

- KRSA Colorado Subcommittee

2013 Top 10 Donors

We appreciate your generous donation.

1. Dr. Bhabi Raj and Dr. Bimla Rai, WA
2. Mr. Chandra "Akash" Rai, CO
3. Mr. Chandra Kumar and Ratna Devi Rai, CO
4. Mr. Jiden and Mrs. Sita Rai, CO
5. Dr. Kalyani Rai, WI
6. Mr. Khagendra and Mrs. Chama Rai, NY
7. Mr. Mani Bangdel, NY
8. Mr. Pramod and Mrs. Chanda Thulung Rai, NY
9. Mr. Pratap Rai, NY
10. Dr. Sandhya Rai-Sherpa and Mr. Nawang Sherpa, CO